Introducing the 2017 BSides Knoxville Badge

For the first time since the last time we introduced an electronic badge, we present to you… an electronic badge!

The inaugural BSides Knoxville conference featured a badge that doubled as a BeagleBone Black cape that sported a second ethernet interface and rechargeable battery goodness.

This year’s badge is an RF hacking platform. It sports an ATTiny85 processor, a 433 MHz transmitter and receiver pair, and a 915 MHz transceiver. As can be seen in the photo below, there is a prototyping area on the board and it can be configured to run at 3 or 6 volts using one or two CR2032 coin cell batteries.

BSides Badge photo

When we squint, we think it looks a bit like a jellyfish!

The full resources for creating your very own boards are right here: Knoxville-BSides-RF-Badge-2017

This year’s 2017 BSides Knoxville logo and poster have been described as reminiscent of the Rat Fink art style.

Considering that the the ‘RF’ logo is prominently engraved on the RF board, I hope the rest of the team isn’t upset if I suggest we call it the ‘Rat Fink’.

The badge doesn’t require a BeagleBone or any other additional purchases to use it, beyond the components necessary to populate the board. We have enough components to populate a few dozen, and we’ll make some soldering equipment available at the conference for anyone that wants to try their hand at it.

Jed and the other wizards that came up with this badge say we might be able to get a ‘fox hunt’ together if we can get enough of these built prior to, or during, the conference. We’re not sure what a fox hunt is, but it sounds like a ton of fun.

See you in a few days!

–Adrian (@sawaba)