BSides Knoxville 2017: We laughed, we stumbled, we hacked

Yeah, we made some mistakes this year, but overall, we can’t complain too much or be too hard on ourselves. At least, that’s what your generous feedback on our 2017 event told us! We asked for and received (thank you) more feedback than ever. We attempted more than we had before – (a limited supply of) fully populated electronic badges, the most speakers ever, live streams…

The Bad

On that last one… we apologize for the issues with the live streams and AV. You let us know what was wrong and we heard you. We know track 3 wasn’t loud enough. We delayed the start of BSides to provide a free live stream for those that couldn’t make it, and it could have gone more smoothly. Perhaps of the recordings won’t make it onto YouTube. We suffered from some last minute logistical issues. For example, we planned to do some AV dry runs onsite, but couldn’t get our schedule to work with the onsite sound engineers. Combine the best of intentions with the greatest of ambitions and a few things will drop on the floor.

Also, the Codestock scheduling kerfuffle.

Notes for next time. No, literally – we have a column in Trello:

The Good

We’re happy to hear the badges and foxhunt challenge were a hit! Also, one of our sponsors was generous awesome enough to make a large donation which will allow us to start planning BSides much earlier this time around. We’ll be able to buy things earlier. We’ll open CFP earlier. We’ll have more time to come up with epic swag and maybe step the electronic badge up a notch next year (no pressure, Jed & Co!). We’re even talking potentially making it a two day conference.

As for dates, we’re making sure we will not conflict with:

  • CodeStock – April 20th and 21st
  • BSides Chattanooga (<– NEW!) – March 24th
  • BSides Nashville – Not yet announced, but usually in April
  • BSides Atlanta – Not yet announced, but was in November last year
  • BSides Asheville – Not yet announced, but usually in July
  • BSides Huntsville – Not yet announced, but usually in February
  • University of Tennessee Finals and other school-related events

The Ugly?

BSides Knoxville may be scruffy, but hopefully never ugly.

As always, let us know at info at BSidesKnoxville dot com if you have any questions, suggestions or ideas for next year.

Graffiti behind Market Square

Graffiti behind Market Square